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1. Sometimes the cursor doesn't move when in air mode. Why not?

To make using the Neo mouse as easy as possible, it was designed in such a way that the cursor works when the thumb touches the touchpad. Since the cursor will not function without this contact, make sure you touch the touchpad with your finger. If you do not wish to control the mouse by thumb contact, switch to free mode described in the "Shifting the movement mode with the air mouse" section.

2. After switching from laser mode to air mode and after attaching the mouse to the finger, the X-Y spatial axis behaves in reverse for a while. Why?

After switching from laser mode to air mode, attaching the mouse to the finger adjusts the position of the mouse in the room by either 90° or 270°. In order for the mouse to identify this adjustment, it needs to remain motionless for two to three seconds. The spatial axis shall then register correctly.

3. When the mouse hasn't been used for a certain period, the cursor won't move any more. While restarting the device does restore the manoeuvrability of the mouse, is there another way to do this?

If the mouse is not used for a period of more than eight minutes, it automatically switches to idle mode in order to preserve its battery life. In this mode, the cursor will not move. To exit idle mode, move the scroller either up or down or left or right-click.

4. When charging the battery, is it possible to determine if it has fully charged or not?

When charging the battery, the LED display of the function key will illuminate bright green. Once charging has finished, the LED will go out.

5. Are there especially easy ways to use the device?

When using the laser mouse, it is recommended that both the index and middle fingers be used. When using the air mouse it easier not to use the whole arm to move the cursor, but just the wrist while propping up the arm.

6. When using the air mouse, the movement can sometimes fluctuate a little. Can anything be done about this?

The cursor sometimes moves a little when air mode is started. In this case, place the mouse onto a flat surface for five seconds. Refer the manual.

7. When using air mode, the cursor stops for a short time after clicking. Why?

It is actually difficult to double-click the thumb against the index finger in the air without changing the position. To alleviate this, the mouse was constructed in such a way that shortly after the first click, the cursor is stopped for a moment. This stoppage is thus a normal occurrence.