Ubiquitous Device

Recently advancement of high-performance compact device design technology and wireless mobile communication technology enable to realize the Ubiquitous Computing which user can contact various information and services in anytime and anywhere even if they does not recognize special devices. We develop and implement these ubiquitous computing devices to realization.

Wireless Sensor Network & Smart Sensor

As a human recognizes around environment by using eyes, nose and ears, the computer also need special sensors to act as a recognition device. Advancements of MEMS system enable the development of smart sensors which have various functions like sensing, processing and networking. A wireless sensor network consists of a number of smart sensors, each of which has a limited battery life and short-range radio communication. The wireless sensor networks can be well-suited for variety of ubiquitous applications. We develop and implement these smart sensors and wireless sensor networks to realization.

Ergonomic input/output devices (Wearable Computing)

We develop the small smart sensor to attach body by using Motion sensors, gravity sensors, pressure sensors, temperature sensors, GPS, and a variety of sensors. They can be used as the smart input / output devices based on the detected sensing information.

Wireless Communications

We develop and research various devices related with 802.11 (WLAN), 802.15 (WPAN), Bluetooth, Mesh and ZigBee.

Compact / low-power devices

We have the best technologies in the area of compact hardware design and the power Operating System(OS) design in order to develop the compact and low power devices.